Pledge 2 Protect is a coalition of diverse citizens of the City working together to protect the health and safety of New Yorkers by raising awareness of the fiscal, environmental and community impacts of the City’s current solid waste management system and plan.

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Building the East 91st Street Garbage Station will not help the City’s overburdened communities. Mayor de Blasio knows this fact but keeps building for political reasons. Handling our garbage through East 91st Street will be three times as costly as the current solution. Mayor de Blasio knows this too, but he obviously does not care about our tax dollars.

Up to 117,000 truck trips per year entering the facility in between a playground and a playing field will eventually result in accidents and even deaths. We need your help to save a child’s life.  Pledge 2 Protect is a nonprofit, volunteer organization and relies upon your donations to engage our elected officials, execute ad campaigns and conduct protests.  Please consider a donation to save a child’s life.

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