We’ll be on site at Asphalt Green’s Big Swim on April 27 doing outreach and getting parents to sign pledges supporting our fight to stop the dump. Since 1993 Asphalt Green has been hosting  The Big Swim Benefit every year to help raise money for their Waterproofing program, which has taught over 30,000 NYC schoolchildren to swim for free. Asphalt Green also hosts The Big Swim Meet on the same day as the benefit, so be prepared for some excitement as 1,000 kids experience the thrill of diving off the blocks in a race.

We’re still looking for volunteers to help us with door-to-door outreach and at the Big Swim event. Please contact info@pledge2protect.org for details. We need your support to help stop the dump and we’d love to work with you if you are interested in pledging to protect your community.

For more details on The Big Swim Benefit and The Big Swim Meet, please visit http://www.asphaltgreen.org/c-2153-p2625-The-Big-Swim.aspx.

photo credit: www.edinaartfair.com