Let’s start with the good news: You can control the air quality in your own home, or at least take steps towards establishing a healthy environment for your family. But let’s not forget the bad news: Once you step out your front door, you’re at the mercy of national policy makers, lawmakers, lobbyists and city officials.

Moms Clean Air Force, a national movement of over 132,000 moms and dads, is committed to protecting our children’s right to clean air. In addition to informative blogs, a grassroots field team and leadership circle, the group has just published a free e-book called ASTHMA TRIGGERS: A Guide for Parents, Teachers, Doctors, and Nurses. It’s a quick but essential read. Take a few minutes and get informed.

Asthma Triggers Free E-Book by Moms Clean Air Force

Asthma Triggers Free E-Book by Moms Clean Air Force

Dominique Browning, Co-Founder and Senior Director of the group, tirelessly campaigns across a national stage for strong regulations to clean our air.

On a local level, we at Pledge 2 Protect are fighting to protect the health and safety of thousands of New Yorkers who would be put at risk if the City were to build an ill-conceived and dangerous garbage station at 91St and the East River.

Not only is this location less than three hundred feet from public housing and senior housing, the entrance/exit ramp to the proposed massive trash processing facility literally bisects Asphalt Green’s playground and playing field.

DSNY E 91 St MTS sign on Ashphalt Green ramp

Garbage trucks would traverse the ramp that bisects Asphalt Green’s aqua center and playing field

According to a recent health report commissioned by Residents for Sane Trash Solutions (“Air Pollution Impacts on Children from a Waste Transfer Station”), “The operation of the proposed MTS, and the consequent heavy truck traffic traversing and idling on the facility’s access ramp, will place thousands of children for years to come at increased risk of permanent lung damage, the effects of which will follow them into adulthood.”

Children's Letters Protesting E 91 St Marine Transfer Station

Just two of the 1,000 protest letters written by children in protest of the garbage dump

More Key Health Report Findings:

How many children would be impacted?

  • Over 30,000 children participated in programs at Asphalt Green (2011-2012 school year)
  • Nearly 2,000 children from East Harlem and Harlem participate in programs at Asphalt Green annually
  • In East Harlem, immediately North and West of planned facility, 18% of school-aged children suffer from asthma
  • There are 11 day care centers and 16 schools nearby

Why are children more vulnerable? 

  • They are closer to the ground, where airborne elements are often more concentrated
  • Their lungs are still developing
  • Infants and children breathe faster than adults, taking in proportionately more pollutants than adults
  • They spend more time outdoors increasing their exposure levels
  • They are playing and exercising which has them breathing even faster the hazardous soot

What could result from exposure to these toxins?

  • respiratory-related health effects in children, specifically associations with asthma
  • increased risk of permanent lung damage
  • increases in hospital or emergency room visits of 4-8%
  • carcinogenic ramifications from garbage trucks’ diesel fume emissions

It’s all quite sobering.

As our partner Dominique Browning says, “We share the air.” Let’s reach out to more concerned citizens and make sure they understand what’s at stake. 

Forward this to your friends and neighbors and have them sign the pledge

Children playing on Asphalt Green athletic field

Children playing on Asphalt Green athletic field

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