Manhattan: I was outraged to read Julie Menin’s July 17 Op-Ed on the proposed E. 91st St. marine transfer station (MTS), “In Yorkville, necessary waste.” She made a shocking claim, saying Asphalt Green — a not-for-profit serving 46,000 children a year citywide — would be a “barricade” between the MTS and the neighborhood. Is Menin really suggesting that the thousands of children who visit us will be human shields blocking the MTS’s impacts? That would mean our kids would have no protection against the hundreds of garbage trucks rumbling by just 11 feet from our entrance, emitting toxic fumes and carrying up to 4,290 tons of trash, 24 hours a day, 6 days a week. Dumps don’t belong where children play — in any borough — and this site is dangerous and short-sighted. We can support borough equity and improve air quality in low-income neighborhoods without putting tens of thousands of additional kids at risk. City leaders need to find a better solution to protect our children.

Carol Tweedy, executive director, Asphalt Green.

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