By Victoria Bekiempis

YORKVILLE — The ad blitz has begun.

Asphalt Green, a beloved recreation complex that stands to be divided by a trash transfer station, launched an advertising campaign Monday to protest the East 91st Street project, officials there said.

The new push includes five bus shelters and 15 phone booth ads, as well as direct mailing to approximately 100,000 Upper East Side residents. These efforts will cost approximately $64,000.

The campaign will target residents from East 59th to 116th streets from Fifth Avenue to the East River, Asphalt Green officials confirmed.

Asphalt Green also released a recently commissioned study re-examining the effect of trash-truck emissions on children’s health. Carol Tweedy, the organization’s executive director, said 31,000 children use the facility annually.

The study, which claims diesel emissions will far exceed the city’s projections and flout national air quality standards, cost some $25,000.

Tweedy said Asphalt Green organized special fundraising efforts to cover these expenses. Members of the board believe the station’s potential health impacts have been overlooked amid increasingly politicized discussions of the topic — which has become a flashpoint in the mayoral race.

“Asphalt Green’s issue is about the health of children. That message was just not getting through,” she said. “So we made the decision, reluctantly, that we had to have our own message sent.”

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