Dear Bill,

I know you must be busy, but I’m inviting you to meet with me, one child, one resident of public housing, and one East Harlem fisherman any time this weekend on the East River Esplanade at 91st.

I would prefer an afternoon so that you can see the local economically challenged working residents enjoying the small but treasured scrap of East Side riverfront that is about to be destroyed by the proposed dump being built on a public park at 91st Street.

Give us ten minutes and we will give you ten good reasons to change your mind about ramming a massive two acre, ten story high garbage site into the heart of a residential neighborhood with over 2200 public housing residents within a quarter mile, a dump that can be accessed only by cutting through a playing field used by 31,000 children from every borough in the city.

Okay, that’s two of our arguments. Give us eight minutes.

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