Sometimes, it takes a child to remind us about what’s important. Such as righting a wrong, taking initiative, banding together to make a difference.

Saidie, 10 years old, came up with the idea of holding a bake sale in her building lobby. She was joined by her friends and fellow volunteers Sophie and Hannah. No store-bought concoctions for them; Saidie and Hannah made the cupcakes. A resident claimed it was “the best cupcake” she’d “ever had!”

They charged $5, donating the proceeds to Pledge 2 Protect. They raised $159!

P2P Volunteers Sophie, Saidie, and Hannah

P2P Volunteers Sophie, Sadie, and Hannah

When we asked Sophie why she and her friends wanted to raise money on behalf of Pledge 2 Protect and in protest of the planned East 91 Street garbage dump, she replied, “Because we live here and I don’t think it’s a good idea to pollute the air and have garbage trucks driving through the neighborhood and right by the playing field.”

It sounds so simple, right?

Let’s take some notes from the inspiring pages of Saidie, Sophie, and Hannah. Every donation of time, money, and effort helps our cause of protecting all residential neighborhoods.

Pledge 2 Protect has the support of over 29,000 New Yorkers who signed the pledge because garbage transfer stations do not belong next to parks, playgrounds, public housing or homes.  The over $1 billion tax-payer dollars which will be spent over time on the E. 91stSt. station can and should be spent on vital programs in education, recycling and cleaning commercial trucks (to name just a few).

We look forward to educating the incoming administration on the many new and changed conditions that make the decision made over 10 years ago the wrong decision for our children and our City today.

As we move forward, please ask your friends to visit our website to Take the Pledge, and follow us on Facebook (pledge2protect) and on Twitter (@P2PNYC).

As for you — our loyal and dedicated supporters — please donate and volunteer!