5/23/14 1:12 PM


Eight people were placed under arrest Friday after protesting the city’s tree removal in preparation for a planned Upper East Side garbage transfer station.


Police say protesters who refused to allow crews to get to the trees near York Avenue and 91st Street were taken into custody for alleged disorderly conduct.


The tree removal is part of the city’s preparation for a highly-contested garbage dump.


Protesters say the 500 garbage trucks that will use the ramp daily present serious danger to children who use the Asphalt Green sports center and nearby parks.


“I don’t want to see those trees come down, I don’t want to see the dump come here. I think we need recycling, that’s what we need, more recycling,” said one protester.


“This is the wrong thing for the whole city of New York. If it would help the city I would support it, but putting a garbage transfer station here is the wrong thing for our whole city. It’s going to waste money and harm many people,” said another protester.


The city has said it is taking steps to ensure pedestrian safety at collection ramps and has purchased new trucks to minimize pollution.


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