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New York, NY, Aug. 14, 2014 – During Week Two of civil disobedience from Pledge 2 Protect and NYCHA FOR NYCHA protesters, seven more New Yorkers were arrested. The coalition opposes Marine Transfer Stations (MTS) in residential areas including the one planned for East 91st Street. Twenty-two people have been arrested blocking the entrance into the construction site for the East 91st Street MTS adjacent to the Asphalt Green sports and fitness facility. Arrests will continue.


Protesters are outraged that the City is continuing work at the MTS site while discussions over the future of the site, the position of the ramp, if the MTS is built, and the need for these kinds of garbage stations, are ongoing. Those arrested this week include:

August 12: Tammy Weinfeld, a mother and speech pathologist; Gerald Levine, retired stock broker and community activist


August 13: Ellen Diamond, a cancer survivor, retired NYS Civil Service social worker; Linda Greenberg, CSW, Psychoanalyst; David Menegon, Community activist


August 14: Arline Brown, education, arts and community activist, parent and grandparent; Lindy Lindner, Former Community School Board and Parents’ Association member


“We will not be stepping aside,” said Kelly Nimmo-Guenther, president of Pledge2Protect. “Pledge2Protect will be protesting and engaging in civil disobedience until the City either agrees not to build the MTS or it takes immediate action on tangible steps to safeguard the health and lives of those it will put in peril if it chooses to ignore the facts and plow ahead with construction.”


“An industrial facility does NOT belong in ANY residential neighborhood, especially next to where children play. The siting of this MTS is wrong and dangerous to New Yorkers.”


According to Pledge2Protect and NYCHA FOR NYCHA this MTS will bring new harms to people the 2006 Bloomberg Solid Waste Management Plan (SWMP) claims to protect. The East 91st Street site does not help reduce the burdens on other parts of the city, is located next to low-income housing in the densest residential neighborhood in the city, and physically bisects Asphalt Green, endangering more than 34,000 children from every borough who use this sports and fitness facility.


About Pledge 2 Protect

Pledge 2 Protect is a growing coalition of diverse citizens of the City who are working together to protect the health and safety of New Yorkers by raising awareness of the fiscal, environmental and community impacts of the City’s current solid waste management system and plan. NYCHA for NYCHA is a member organization representing more than 2,200 residents in over 1,100 public housing units in Stanley Isaacs and Holmes Houses located just 600 feet away from the proposed East 91st Street Marine Transfer Station.