Yesterday, Mayor Bill de Blasio spoke at the United Nations about climate change, saying that “humanity is facing an existential threat.” As reported in the Wall Street Journal:

“The cause of this threat, the New York City mayor said, ‘is us—how we heat our homes, how we transport ourselves, the reckless way in which we live.’

‘This is an issue we all face. No one is spared,’ Mr. de Blasio said during his first address at the U.N. since taking office in January. ‘And our mutual need to survive should instill in us a kind of unity we so rarely experience.’…

But Mr. de Blasio, a Democrat, stressed the urgency of doing more, noting how superstorm Sandy left 44 dead in the five boroughs two years ago.

‘The storms to come will be far more lethal. We are not presented with options,’ Mr. de Blasio said. ‘We have only one choice—urgent, daring action.’”

We agree with our Mayor. But we are asking him to connect the dots. Knowing the serious threat — calling the future storms lethal, quite rightly — how can he in good conscience green-light a plan to build a Marine Transfer Station at East 91st Street, in the highest floodplain, and 6 feet below FEMA floodplain levels? At best, this is illogical. At worst, hypocritical and foolhardy and dangerous.

Read the full WSJ article here, Mayor de Blasio Addresses United Nations Summit on Climate Change

Check out the photo below, taken during Super Storm Sandy, at East 91 Street and the River:

Super Storm Sandy Flooding by Asphalt Green (at night)

Super Storm Sandy Flooding by Asphalt Green (at night)