Yesterday, in Part One of this series of four articles, I described how he’s breaking his environmental promise. Today’s broken promise will kill children.

Breaking the Vision Zero Promise

In his introduction to the Vision Zero website, Mayor de Blasio writes that accidents happen to everyone, “but overwhelmingly, the deadly toll is highest for pedestrians — especially our children and seniors. We won’t accept this any longer. I make that pledge as a parent, and as your mayor.”

Boom! There’s the broken promise.

He is building a massive garbage site right next to an athletic center used by 34,000 city children a year. One hundred to 500 garbage trucks a day will drive back and forth through the sports facility on an access road that literally bisects it. They will do this every day except Sunday.

To get onto the access road in the first place, the trucks must first cross a 30 foot stretch of sidewalk. The children must cross it too: the gym and pool is on one side, the playing field on the other.

Trucks and children will potentially intersect 60,000 times a year. (A minimum of 100 trucks a day will enter and exit over the sidewalk for a total of 200 crossings. This will happen about 300 days a year. This equals 60,000 potential fatal encounters.)

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