A chilly start to the day turned into beautiful sunshine as Pledge 2 Protect volunteers and their 4-legged friends took to the streets to have their say. Pledge 2 Protect’s group costume at this year’s Halloween Howl in Carl Schurz park was “Dogs Who Pledge 2 Protect.” Signs highlighted the dangers that the garbage dump could pose to dogs as well as to the people who care for them: Getting hit by garbage trucks, developing asthma, dying from ingesting the rat poison which would inevitably be used for pest control near the dump, stepping on broken glass, being traumatized by loud noises. “Hey, ho, De Blasio, the garbage dump has got to go!” shouted protestors as they made their way around the basketball court with their canine charges in tow. Just above, on the esplanade, volunteers gave out information about the dangers of the MTS as well as upcoming events where people can get involved. Paws for a cause, keeping the pressure on!