Monday, November 24, 2014, 2:30 AM

Asphalt Green execs were notified last week that portions of the athletic complex would be shut down temporarily to create a clearance zone for cranes being used to build the Upper East Side waste-transfer station. City officials had previously said that the transfer station, a tremendously controversial project, would not impact Asphalt Green. Executives for the complex, which leases city land, said they are considering legal action against the city.

The city plans to temporarily shut down part of the Asphalt Green recreational space on the Upper East Side — used by 100,000 children a year — during construction of a loading ramp for the controversial waste-transfer station being built nearby, the Daily News has learned.

Despite previous assurances from the city that the fields would not be affected by construction, executives at Asphalt Green, which leases Parks Department land, were informed last week that portions of the property will be closed, to serve as a clearance zone for cranes. The city would not provide a time-frame for the closure.

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