Monday, November 24, 2014, 3:07 PM

A coalition of groups opposed to the controversial waste transfer station on the Upper East Side isn’t afraid to get dirty fighting Mayor de Blasio.

Opponents of the garbage site have spent $50,000 for a new television spot featuring public housing residents speaking out against City Hall’s decision to greenlight the project.

“I believe we are forgotten,” says public housing resident Milagros Velasquez.

The ad attempts to dispel the notion that the community affected by the trash site is mostly wealthy Upper East Side residents.

The 30-second spot highlights that the garbage facility will be located just 300 feet from two public housing towers occupied by 2,200 New Yorkers.

“Mayor de Blasio, this is wrong — and you know it,” says another public housing resident, Lorraine Johnson.

The groups behind the ad — which include the recreation center Asphalt Green and the advocacy group Pledge 2 Protect — are seeking to get a large truck ramp moved from e. 91st Street to e. 92nd Street. They claim that would be a safer, less disruptive location.

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