Yesterday, Mayor de Blasio announced a “Zero Waste” plan as part of his blueprint for long-term City infrastructure and environmental planning. The proposal calls for the City to reduce its solid waste garbage 90% by 2030. His goal is to not send any garbage to out-of-state landfills, which has been the NYC practice since the closure of the massive Fresh Kills Landfill on Staten Island in 2001.

We couldn’t agree more with Mayor de Blasio and we applaud his comment that, “The whole notion of a society based on constantly increasing waste and then putting it into a truck or a barge or a train and sending it somewhere else . . . that is outrageous and is outdated, and we’re not going to be party to it.” However, though his goals are laudable, they make a mockery of his decision to continue implementing the Bloomberg Solid Waste Management Plan and building garbage dumps like the East 91st Street Marine Transfer Station (MTS).

Does the Mayor really believe that he is being farsighted by wasting billions of taxpayer dollars to build and operate the MTSs of the Bloomberg Plan which will be obsolete in 15 years or less?

The Mayor can deal with the “here and now” by spending tax payers’ money on 21st century waste management processes and technology and not on out-moded and illogical decisions made over a decade ago.

We congratulate the Mayor for finally agreeing with what Pledge 2 Protect (P2P) has been educating New Yorkers about. P2P has said NYC’s recycling rate is abysmal – just 15%, less than half the national average of 35%, and some states accomplish a rate of more than 60%. We have been saying NYC needs to create a new long-term solid waste plan that reduces waste tonnage, increases the amount of recycling and composting, and takes advantage of sustainable waste-to-energy projects. See the P2P Talking Trash Report.

Mayor de Blasio, we are looking for you to support your plan with immediate actions that will achieve your laudable goals. Save the billions being wasted on building obsolete garbage stations, stay with the three time cheaper processes in use today and redirect the funds to implement your vision of increasing recycling rates.


Kelly Nimmo-Guenther
Pledge 2 Protect, Inc.

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