To the Editor:

Pledge 2 Protect (P2P) would like to clarify our position, regarding the Our Town article: “MTS Decision Referred to Mayor” (April 23).

P2P believes that the East 91st Street Marine Transfer Station is not needed and should never be built in a residential neighborhood. As construction continues, we believe that locating a truck ramp at East 91st Street between a playground and a playing field puts lives in danger.

Eight other alternative ramp locations were under consideration, but the City is considering just one: one block north at E. 92nd Street.

If the ramp moves to E. 92nd Street, measures must be taken to protect the health and safety of the surrounding residents, including those in low-income public housing, among them:

1. Stringent air quality control measures

2. Noise and pollution control measures

3. Traffic safety control measures to prevent fatal truck/pedestrian accidents

As the City continues to plow ahead with the facility, we will fight to reduce the negative impacts to the community and all New Yorkers.


Kelly Nimmo-Guenther and Sean Wood

Pledge 2 Protect Board Members


Via Our Town