By Shaye Weaver | June 30, 2015 5:50pm

YORKVILLE—Three environmental permits for the still-under-construction Marine Transfer Station at East 91st Street and York Avenue are up for renewal and the public has until July 24 to submit their comments on the matter.

Since the public comment period started on June 24, more than 15,000 letters have been sent to the State Department of Environmental Conservation asking it to reconsider issuing the permits, according to Pledge 2 Protect, one of the organizations fighting the waste facility.

“Many in the community and Pledge 2 Protect believe that there have been enough changes in the environment, the laws and in the situation to merit new a new environmental impact study and that merit the reevaluation of the permits,” said Frank Baraff, a spokesman for the group. “When there are material changes, the DEC must look into it and review the permits.”

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