YORKVILLE — Despite outcry from residents, the city is not only moving forward with a plan to build an entrance ramp for the new marine transfer station on 91st Street, but announced last week that it’s also planning to build a second ramp a block away.

Residents and advocates have been calling on the city to move the planned location of the truck ramp on 91st Street to 92nd Street because they were concerned that it would congest the area and create a hazard for kids walking to nearby Asphalt Green, located on 91st Street.

In response to concerns, the Department of Sanitation has decided to continue to build the ramp on 91st Street, but to only use it as the main entry point to the marine transfer station for three years until the second ramp on 92nd Street is completed.

Once the second ramp is completed, the 91st Street ramp, which will start at York Avenue and end at the marine transfer station, will only be used for emergencies, such as structural issues with the main ramp, the Department of Sanitation explained.

Both the station and 91st Street ramp are expected to be completed by 2017…

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